Introducing Greenstone-Belt-Hosted-Au Deposits over Val d’Or-Chibougamau region, Quebec Province, Canada

Introducing Greenstone-Belt-Hosted-Au Deposits over Val d’Or-Chibougamau region, Quebec Province, Canada

Quebec has an enormous potential for developing mines in different commodities like Au, Zn, Cu, Ni, Fe, rare earths and more because there is a huge territory available where exploration is just starting. One of the regions with better potential is the portion of Greenstone belt rocks (2.7 billion years) between Val d’Or and Chibougamau, a 500 km long by 200 km width zone rich in Au deposits. The region includes three advanced Au projects as Windfall, Barry and Gladiator. Val d’Or-Chibougamau alignment represents the continuation of the Greenstone-Belt-Hosted-Au deposits coming from Superior Lake to Val d’or, which have contributed to give most of the historic Au production in Canada.

Many of geological parameters that controls Au mineralisation are similar for all the region, thus it is very important to develop an integral understanding of the geology. Identifying the regional exploration guides will result on reducing time of mine openings and a faster growing of Quebec mining industry. Every minute counts in the objective of positioning Quebec in the world’s map of Au bigger producers.

After four years working on the Val d’Or-Chibougamau trend (including Windfall and Barry deposits) plus fourteen years of experience on Peruvian mines, we founded an external consulting company that will help companies in the region to open mines on high profitable periods of time. Our name, La Roche Verte Canada, means “The Green Stone” in French, official language in Quebec. We will work giving services to private and public companies and doing PERMANENT independent research. Our motivation to take this strategic initiative was born because the geological evidences on the region are impressive at world-class scale. La Roche Verte Canada is a Quebecois company, a Canadian company, thus we are encouraged to work with responsibility and goodwill.

Do you work on the region? Are you an investor interested on great opportunities with a solid advice? Contact La Roche Verte Canada for détails.


Fernando Alvarez V., P. Geo, MBA

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